As you may know, you can rent many types of cars in Dubai. Car rental is a booming business in Dubai. Due to the high rate of tourism and luxurious lifestyle. So, the agencies always keep one of the best cars on their fleet. There would be so many choices when it comes to rent a car in Dubai. You would be confused which car you should choose. Renting a Nissan patrol would be a great choice. You’ll know why Nissan patrol is a great option in this article.

Reasons to rent Nissan patrol:

Here are some reasons to rent a Nissan patrol in Dubai:

Spacious: Nissan patrol is a fairly large. If you’re traveling with a big group, you should rent a Nissan patrol. You can easily accommodate 7 peoples in Nissan patrol. You can also good amount of luggage in it. But with this many people you’ll still feel comfortable.  Because it’s quite spacious. Have enough room to relax. If you’re going for white tie event with your whole family or big group friend you should rent a Nissan patrol.

Sleek exterior: Even being a large vehicle it’s still having elegant look. Nissan patrol can captive anyone’s graze. It feels powerful and tough from its exterior. It has fairly large and premium tires. Due to its exterior chances of damage from an accident are thin. You can drive on tough road with its big and tough tires. You can also see LED lights on the exterior of Nissan which makes it more beautiful.

Comfortable interior: The seats of Nissan patrol are extremely soft and comfortable. You can feel the good quality leather by just touching it. If you’re traveling on a long distance, you should rent a Nissan patrol. Comfortable seats and spacious interior would make your entire journey peaceful. If you’re Driving at night, you can see everything thing inside the car clearly. Due to its high-power white lights of interior.

Advance tech features: Nissan patrol isn’t only recommended for its interior and exterior. It has many advance features to assist driver. You can use the high-resolution big screen present in front of the driver find routes on Google Maps. You can also control other things like music or calls from this screen. The front seats of car are heated and ventilated to make the driver comfortable. You can also avoid accidents with the advance features of Nissan. Because it has blind spot monitor and automatic emergency brakes that can detect pedestrian. It also has a good quality Bose system to make your journey fun and enjoyable. Apart from them, it also has many other amazing features that you can discover after renting.


Although range of cars available in the fleets of rent a car in Dubai are countless. You should give Nissan patrol platinum a try. If highly favorable for traveling with big group. If you’re in Dubai for long term you can rent a Nissan patrol even for an entire week or month.



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