When the deal is too good, think twice. That is usually applicable to most industrial welding machine deals. A low price is more often than not an indication of below-par quality. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money. It is entirely possible to get quality welding machines online without breaking the bank. If you’d like to get a welding machine for your workflow and are tight on a budget, this is the article that will help you save a ton of cash. Here are some tips that will ensure you buy welding machines at the best prices and still get top-notch equipment.  Give these try and save your money.  

Consider refurbished welding machine deals

Your first thought may be to shop directly on a manufacturer’s website or store for what you need. There’s no problem with that except that you’re highly unlikely to save any money as the welding machine price is usually fixed. 

We recommend instead that you consider buying a refurbished or used model. This ensures you get good quality equipment for just a fraction of the money that you would have parted with initially. 

Let me demonstrate with an example. The Handskit MIG-200 Electric welding machine goes for at least $312 in most UAE retail stores. And that figure is exclusive of tax so the final cost tally could be much higher. On the other hand, if you shopped for a second-hand version from a reseller on a reputable website such as Industbay, you stand to save even up to $100 as the asking price is usually significantly lower.

Unlike dealing with a retailer, there’s also room for negotiation so you can save more on an already discounted welding machine. Additionally, shopping for a welding machine on reputable websites like Industbay ensures you get a second-hand machine that still retains a long shelf life. 


Think about sourcing locally

If you live in the UAE, for instance, why would you want to shop for a welding machine from the US? Doing so attracts hefty shipping costs, with some companies charging as much as $4 per kilometer. 

You therefore stand to buy welding machine at best prices if you simply buy your equipment locally or domestically. That’s because the shipping costs are much lower, with some companies even known to offer free deliveries within a certain radius.

Besides cost-saving, other reasons to source industrial machines locally include: 

  • Lower supply chain expenses 
  • Promoting the domestic economy
  • Environmental friendliness 
  • Lower waiting time 

However, that’s not to say international welding machine deals are bad. As a matter of fact, with the right incentives, sourcing across borders can make more financial sense, but more on that a little later.

Look beyond familiar suppliers 

What is your purchase process for industrial equipment like? Most business owners prefer buying all their tools from one supplier they’ve known for some time and therefore trust. It’s much easier that way and there’s an assurance of quality due to a proven track record.  But that can blind you to the cost-saving opportunities so it’s important to keep an open mind. 

Some retailers may have the best prices on hand tools, but when it comes to construction machinery, another supplier may have a more competitive deal. So weigh all your options every time. Don’t source everything just from one supplier. Instead, start the purchase process afresh every time you’d like to buy industrial equipment. 

In this case, we recommend starting your purchase process by looking up a simple search phrase like “welding machine suppliers in UAE” or “welding machine suppliers near me.” Skip past the sponsored ads in the search results, and preferably take a look at reviews that classify various dealers & suppliers while comparing prices.

Spare a thought for the warranty

Saving money on your welding machine goes far beyond that initial price tag. You need to also think about the frequency of maintenance for new equipment. More importantly, this brings us to the matter of warranty. 

A good warranty is often a measure of the company’s trust in its own equipment. If the warranty period is suspiciously short, say 6 months, that may be a red flag of the machine’s quality. Additionally, it will mean that you’ll have to foot maintenance costs from your pocket much sooner than is ideal. 

Some of the features of a good warranty that you should pay attention to include: 

  • Sizeable length (Preferably, 2 years)
  • Exact parts covered
  • Type of damage covered
  • Conditional clauses

If your welding machine will be performing a high number of tasks, it makes better financial sense to buy a more robust model that can handle a heavier workload without requiring premature replacement. Although initially costly, a more robust model is less susceptible to breakdowns and therefore attracts lower maintenance expenses. 

Keep in mind assembly/installation expenses 

This a handy and practical tip that will help you land quality welding machines online at a decent price. It will also ensure you save money on any industrial equipment that you purchase going forward. 

Most vendors are not usually upfront or honest with installation or assembly fees as they want to make their welding machine price – or any other piece of equipment they’re selling- appear cheaper than it really is.  

Therefore, be sure to speak up and ask about whether there are any assembly or installation fees involved. If the installation process requires special expertise that your workers already possess, then you can turn down installation assistance and consequently ensure little additional costs. In some cases, companies may offer industrial equipment assembly at their own expense. It’s important to be clear from the get-go so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

Don’t burn money. Shop at Industbay

Do you know what the most important thing is if you’re keen on a low welding machine price and high quality? Cutting out middlemen and going directly to sellers or retailers. Shopping at an online marketplace that unites sellers and buyers such as Industbay is therefore prudent to get you directly to the source. You can view asking prices from multiple sellers, and use that as leverage for negotiating better deals on high-quality welding tools. Moreover, you can also save cash by considering refurbished or used machinery. Are you ready to save money and get a top-notch welding machine? Check out Industbay now.


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