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iPay Holding assembles cutting-edge technology from across the globe to address real challenges in traditional and decentralized finance sectors. Our expertise lies in developing innovative fintech solutions that transform the financial landscape. We acknowledge the ever-changing fintech realm driven by technology advancements, evolving customer expectations, and emerging regulations. That’s why we’re committed to aiding visionary entrepreneurs and startups navigate this intricate landscape and turn their fintech concepts into successful endeavors. Undoubtedly, we are one of the best fintech companies in UAE


We guide ideas from inception to reality by leveraging decades of experience, timely capital allocation, and exceptional talent. At iPay, our team comprises diverse experts with profound fintech industry knowledge and technical skills. With our extensive background, we provide comprehensive assistance and advice throughout the venture-building journey, from conceptualization to launch and beyond. We endorse a collaborative approach, partnering closely with our associates to refine concepts, validate market potential, and construct robust business models.


Our contributions go beyond just funding. We provide a complete range of services, encompassing market research, product development, technological infrastructure, regulatory compliance, fundraising support, and access to our expansive network of industry partners and investors. Our collaborative ecosystem encourages knowledge exchange, facilitates strategic alliances, and unlocks growth prospects for companies in our portfolio.


Our substantial presence in Africa’s fintech landscape is a source of pride. Recognizing the immense possibilities and distinctive challenges of the African market, we’ve cultivated an in-depth understanding of the local fintech ecosystem and successfully launched impactful solutions across the continent.


Our African fintech expertise spans various sectors, including mobile payments and digital banking. By forming strong partnerships with key players in the African financial sector, we navigate regulatory frameworks, comprehend cultural subtleties, and customize our solutions to meet the specific requirements of African consumers and businesses.

Ipay Holding is actively shaping the future of Fintech in Africa and beyond.


Reasons to go for IPay Holding




Connecting tech-seeking companies with suitable clients from our tech pool.




Direct investment arm of iPay, investing in startups and ventures raising capital for launch or expansion.


Venture Building


Specializing in digital transformation and strategy.




Addressing startup needs: facilities, mentorship, networks, local expertise, and funding.


Business Developing 


Adapting value propositions, pipeline development, deal management, and support.




Facilitating high-speed access to suitable venture capitalists and strategic investors.




IPay Holding is committed to facilitating and enhancing growth for the most promising tech companies focusing on the MENA region, particularly in Telecom & VAS, Mobile Money, Retail, Distribution, and E-commerce sectors. We are also open to exceptional opportunities from other industries, rigorously evaluated through our scoring model and aligned with our strategic goals. Choosing us would be one of your best decisions. What else would you ask for?


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