Handling an Accident in Your Dubai Rent A Car: A Guide

Accidents are an unfortunate reality, even for the most seasoned drivers. While handling a collision in your personal vehicle might be relatively straightforward, the process becomes more nuanced when it involves a Rent A Car in Dubai.

Understanding the steps to take and being prepared can make a significant difference in navigating through such situations. In this article, we will explore the protocol to follow in the event of a rental car accident in Dubai, providing you with the information you need to handle the situation seamlessly.

What to Do: Reporting the Accident to Dubai Police

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, ensuring everyone’s safety is paramount. Once that is assured, the first step is to report the incident to the Dubai Police promptly. Leveraging technology to your advantage, the official Dubai Police app (available on Android and Apple devices) allows you to report a traffic accident easily.

Navigate to the ‘Report Traffic Accident’ option on the app’s homepage, input the necessary details, like the vehicle plate number and accident specifics, and submit the report promptly.

Additional Tips for Handling a Rental Car Accident in Dubai

Stay Calm, Avoid Escaping

Panicking is a natural reaction to accidents, but escaping the scene can exacerbate the situation. Instead, stay calm and comply with the authorities. Attempting to evade responsibility may lead to legal consequences and negatively impact your rental record.

Notify the Car Rental Company

Once the police have assessed the accident, informing the Rent A Car company promptly is crucial. Most comprehensive car insurance in Dubai covers damages resulting from rental car accidents, with rental companies being held accountable.

However, drivers may be responsible for expenses not covered by insurance. Basic packages typically cover bodily injury or collision damage, while premium options handle more substantial costs like vehicle theft.

Consider a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

In unfortunate situations, drivers may be required to cover some expenses related to the accident. However, a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) offers a viable solution.

This supplementary insurance coverage, available for those renting a vehicle, mitigates losses incurred due to theft or damage to the rental car. Investing in a CDW can significantly reduce the financial burden on the driver.


Renting a car in Dubai provides the flexibility and convenience of exploring the city at your own pace. However, being prepared for unforeseen events, such as accidents, is crucial. By understanding the steps to take, from reporting the incident to involving the rental company and considering additional coverage like a Collision Damage Waiver, drivers can navigate through challenging situations more effectively.

Whether you choose to lease or Rent A Car in Dubai, being informed is the key to a hassle-free experience on the roads of this vibrant city. Stay tuned to Quick Lease for more insightful information on navigating the automotive landscape in the UAE.



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