A shining smile is desired by everyone. Especially the people who have discolored teeth. This discoloration varies from person to person depending on the different things they use. Minor discoloration may be from childhood or the result of coffee, tea, etc. However, some people have teeth discoloration in excessive amounts because they use the products that cause an excessive amount. They are often habitual with these products. So meeting with the solution to this problem leads you to the dentist. If you are in search of a teeth whitening dentist in Dubai, we are serving as Shams Dental Clinic to provide the best of our services.

Why Us?

To give your teeth a natural shining smile, we have a team of expert dentists who provide their services friendly. They do not compromise on the quality of services. Lumina and Zoom whitening are the best whitening systems that are also used by our dentists. Their diligent work makes us unique among the other dentists in Dubai. They can treat and make your teeth shine, no matter how old or severe the strain is. They are experienced as well to meet situations like this. Our dentists’ experience has always helped so many patients to live a life with a shining smile.

How Do We Work?

People are often concerned about how we clean their old stained and discolored teeth because they are conscious of the sensitivity of the teeth. We are very aware of the sensitivity of your teeth. As we told you earlier, we never compromise on the quality. The work with compromised quality may harm your teeth and cavities as well. We apply a bleaching agent to your stained and discolored teeth and leave it for almost half an hour. The number of sessions may vary depending on the severity of discoloration. However, two to four sessions are performed initially.

Expenses of the Dentist

Most people want to know the expenses before visiting the dentist. It is because they want to know whether they could go to the dentist or not. It is not a bad thing even if it is better to visit the dentist you can afford. However, in the case of dental diseases, it is difficult to tell the expenses of the dentist. Because it depends on the condition of the teeth. If they are too stained, they will be more complicated to treat. So the cost will be higher. And if teeth are less stained, the cost of treatment will be lower.

Sensitivity of Your Teeth

Some of the customers get afraid of bleaching agents because of their sensitive teeth and cavities. In these cases, we use rubber-based material to cover the sensitive parts. And in this way, those parts are avoided from bleaching agents. So there is no need to be worried about the sensitive parts of your mouth.

Signing Off

No one wants to smile with stained teeth. Everyone desires to have a shining smile and look attractive when they smile. So if you have stained teeth and desire the same, you must visit Shams Dental Clinic in Dubai. You can contact us online.


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