Ras Al Khaima is one of the most visited cities in the UAE. It has a plethora of bewitching sites to offer. Whether you are a beach freak or hiking lover, Ras Al Khaima can be a total roller coaster for you. It is a small, calm and placid city with a population of over 100,000 people. You are gonna love it if you are not a fan of big, crowded cities. Besides, it tends to provide you with all the luxury and grandeur you could ever ask for!

If you and your partner have been looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, do not look further! Here’s a bunch of things to do when in Ras Al Khaima:

  • Party at the beach:

Beach is one of the main attractions of the city, beach pros find Ras Al Khaima to be their safe haven. There are hotels and resorts that come with 24/7 beach access. If you would like to wake up to the sight of the beach and take a long morning walk, book one of these resorts.

  • Do not miss the view from Jebel Jais:

If you like immersing in solitude, hike up to the mountain Jebel Jais and witness the sunrise and the sunset from there.

  • Drive through the Hajar Mountains:

There’s a road surrounded by Hajar mountains that you can drive through. It can be a beguiling experience for anyone who’s close to nature. Plan a road trip, take a camera with you if you’d like to capture some closeup shots of the sky-towering mountains.

  • Know some history. Visit the Ras Al Khaima National Museum:

Are you a history buff? If yes, you are not a bore! It’s fun to know what developments took place at what time in the city. Just like New York’s museum of natural history is a site not to miss, a visit to the national museum of Ras-Al-Khaima is also a must.

  • Explore the famous Dhayah Fort:

You should definitely spend a good deal of hours exploring the city’s historical sites. Dhayah Fort along with some other heritage sites have left footprints of the city’s ancient history.

  • Do not forget the Jebel Jais Zipline:

Jebel Jais serves us a number of purposes. You can topple it to view the sunset, or you can take a fun ride with the world’s longest Zipline. Your call!

Ras Al Khaima is one of the most exciting cities around the world because of the multitude of tourist sites it embodies. This city can bemuse you with its captivating beauty, to say the least. The best thing about Ras Al Khaima is its diversity and multidimensionality. It has everything to offer — from ocean to mountains, and from nature to history & heritage.

You can do all sorts of touristy things here. Regardless of what your taste is, you are not gonna be bored as long as you are in this city.

Consider yourself more than lucky if you have already made it to this amazing part of the world. And if not, mark it for your next holiday destination!


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