A QR business card simply refers to a digital or physical card with a QR code. When you scan up the QR code, your information like name, phone number, social media, website, and other personal data is captured by the user. In short, QR code business cards are a suitable and simple way to share your company’s information. By using a QR code, a user can easily view the company’s contact details and save them for future use.

Ways To Use QR code, Business Card.

  • You can share your QR code through emails, OOH ads, flyers, and social media.
  • Can create a QR code and embed it on a business card.

Why QR code business cards are the new networking trend in the UAE?

There are many advantages of QR code business cards. This is why most of the companies in the UAE have utilized this technique to engage their users with their business. Let us see some of the main advantages because QR code business cards are getting fame in UAE.

  • Easy To Connect

QR business cards automatically fill all company contact information on the user’s mobile while scanning. So, there is no chance of mistakes. Also, you never need to spend so much time in locating the company’s information, social handles, phone number, and others, as it will be just a game of seconds. So, it is a digital way to get connected without any issues lost of business cards.

  • Enhances Social Media Traffic

QR code business cards have become an easy source for increasing social media and website traffic. When your customer scans up the QR code having social media information on it, your customer will be directed to your social accounts directly. So, no user will need to search your social media throughout. As by scanning once will sort out the issues.

  • Quick Leads

With QR code business cards, you can quickly get leads over your competitor. Once your customer has scanned the code, it will be easy for him to stay connected with your site. Also, you can easily send emails along with messages and notifications to them through QR codes regarding any new products, new timing, sale, updates, services, and much more. So, doing this will help you in growing.

  • No Room For Error

By using a QR code business card, there is no chance of a mistake. Like, if a person is trying to contact you but unluckily makes a spelling mistake. It will become challenging for him to locate you up. However, if he uses a QR code, he will never face any issue in contacting you through phone, email, LinkedIn profiles, social media, and others. You just need to be careful of mistakes while printing in QR cards.

  • Inspiration For Users

QR business cards have become an inspiration and curiosity for users. Like, when users notice a QR code, they scan it up more to explore what’s inside the link. Users become more inspired to scan it. Plus, you can also use some interactive messages and notes for customers to attract them more and give them a valuable purpose for scanning. It will boost not only the interest but also traffic.

  • Cost Adaptive

QR code cards not only lessen your efforts but are also cost-saving as you can just keep this code on your smartphones. So, whenever the customer is scanning the code, the information will be saved to his device easily. Plus, it is more accessible than a physical card as all the data will be auto-filled. Under the label of a business card that is entirely digital, this QR code business card is a perfect way.


So, I have enlisted some of the significant advantages that why QR code business cards are becoming the most crucial pillar of networking between customers and companies. QR cards will not only save your efforts of getting a boost in traffic, gaining leads, and creating a convenient environment for your customers but are also cost adaptive and fun way.


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